Our Engineers

All of Ideal Technology’s load and performance engineers have a minimum of a computer science degree or similar and 4 to 5 years experience in the Load and Performance field. Our engineers undergo training upon starting employment with Ideal Technology to ensure that our basic processes, procedures and standards are adhered to.

While we understand that some clients have their own processes and procedures which are required to be worked to, fundamental basic governance such as test logs, (and other governance outputs) must be adhered to to ensure the successful performance testing engagement. We also complete peer reviews between engineers at least 6 monthly to ensure that these standards are adhered to and potentially improved upon.

Performance testing is not just about the web and how quickly the end user is able to get a response back after doing something on your site. More and more performance testing is focusing on an organisations internal integration layers and back-end processes that don’t necessarily fit neatly into a tool centric record, playback and analyse model. Ideal technology has engineers who have worked across a diverse range of industries including Banking, Government, Education and Telecommunications performance testing platforms and architectures including:



We have experience in performance testing various high traffic web based applications (including AJAX heavy applications) using HP LoadRunner and Apache JMeter as test harnesses. We also have experience with SAP Web and SAP GUI based applications. 


Online Real Time Payments Processing 

We have experience in performance testing an online real time payments switch for a major New Zealand Bank using FINsim for a variety of transaction types including EMV. B2B Experience with both synchronous and asynchronous services. 



We have experience in the load testing of batch processing systems responsible for the generation of NCEA assessment results, bulk email generation and bulk financial transactions updates. 


Environment Benchmarking and Confirmation

Ideal has had experience working closely with clients to benchmark new Non Production Environments against production systems to confirm fit for purpose status for ongoing performance test activities.


Requirements Definition 

We have experience working with business owners and business analysts to define non functional requirements using trending data mined using a combination of tools such as Splunk and ELK (Elastic search, Logstash & Kibana). 


Critical to each of these, our engineers have experience with in-depth results analysis beyond the basic response time and throughput measures, and have been involved in uncovering performance related issues as diverse as faulty network cards to poor query plans through to subtle logic errors within production ready code.