About Us

Ideal Technology Group Ltd (trading as Ideal Technology) has been operating in the ICT arena since 2007. We specialise in Load and Performance Testing and in addition have a skilled and experienced team of Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Test Managers and Test Analysts. Our dedicated team have performed engagements in a number of organisations in both government and private industries.

Load and Performance Testing is our speciality. Our team of highly skilled Load and Performance Engineers stand apart from those of our competitors. Our Engineers have Computer Science (or similar) degrees and at least five year’s experience. The technical expertise of our Engineers allows them to look at a systems architecture in detail and code additional scripts and use a variety of analysis tools to validate Load and Performance. This is an important component of a Load and Performance Engineers role as a tool alone will not validate Load and Performance in a majority of cases. We are proud to offer a highly skilled team of Engineers that give us the edge.